It may come a surprise to some Americans, but volleyball is the world’s second most popular sport next to soccer. While it is enjoyed by millions of people on the country’s beaches and in backyards every summer, volleyball is not without its share of misconceptions. In fact, it is usually these myths that keep many from playing the sport on a competitive level in our country. But, at Capt’n Bill’s, our Wilmington volleyball league makes up one of the city’s most fun and competitive sporting events. If you’ve been thinking about joining, but you have been putting too much stock in the myths you’ve heard about the game, then let us give you the truth of the matter by debunking the following five most common myths about volleyball.

Myth #1: Only Tall People Can Play Volleyball

This same myth is associated with basketball, but have you ever heard of Spud Webb? Google him if you haven’t. The truth is, while height does come in handy for some positions, not every position requires it. In fact, the libero position, which is a specialized defensive position, regularly features talented, but shorter players. Like in basketball, there are positions for players of every height in volleyball.

Myth #2: The Harder You Hit the Ball, the Better You Are

If you can serve the ball hard, then you might think you have all the skill that’s required to play volleyball. In truth, serving the ball hard is only effective when you can also serve with accuracy. Being able to slam the ball with power while still being able to direct it where you want it to go is what makes for the most intimidating servers.

Myth #3: Diving for Balls Means You’re a Good Passer

Sometimes, players dive for balls when they don’t really have to. When this happens, the player is playing more for dramatics than they are to win. The only thing that makes someone a good passer is being able to accurately pass the ball to another player on their team regardless of whether they’re standing still or making a diving save.

Myth #4: Volleyball Isn’t a Complicated Sport

Despite being played on a relatively small court with fewer players (compared with other sports), volleyball is still a complex game that is filled with intricacies, strategies, and specialties. While backyard pick-up games can be somewhat haphazard, organized leagues take the sport seriously and as such, there are rules to be followed.

Myth #5: Playing Volleyball is Easy

One of the most alluring aspects about volleyball is that it is fun to play, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the game is easy, especially when played on a competitive level. Like all sports, the more you practice the better you’ll be. Practicing your serve, your passing, and your set, and learning the game’s rules and regulations are the only things needed to help make you the best player you can be.Sign Up for Wilmington Volleyball at Capt’n Bill’s Backyard Grill At Capt’n Bill’s, our Wilmington volleyball league is the premier volleyball league in Eastern North Carolina. We have leagues for every skill-level and we organize the schedules and provide the refs. All you have to do is sign-up, show-up and play. So if you’ve been thinking about it, don’t put it off another day – sign up today!

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