Across the nation, people of every region are very passionate about certain things, many of them culinary in nature. Every region thinks they have the best pizza, the best sandwiches, the best beer, etc. But, few specialties are as hotly debated as barbecue sauces, especially among North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Kansas City.

At Capt’n Bill’s <span “background:yellow;=”” mso-highlight:yellow”=””>barbeque restaurant in Wilmington NC, we naturally thing our sauce is simply the best, and we have a solid fan following that would agree. However, we understand that ours is only one of hundreds, if not thousands, of different recipes. Here, we take a look at the different types of BBQ sauces and the regions in which they reign.

North Carolina Barbeque Sauce

Unlike many regions, North Carolina doesn’t adhere to one signature type of barbeque sauce. In the state’s eastern-most area, the BBQ sauce of preference is a thin, vinegar-based sauce. Instead of sweet and sticky, these sauces are bold and spicy. Meanwhile, in the western part of the state, the barbeque sauce is similarly thin, but sweetened a bit with the addition of ketchup or tomato, which gives the sauce a pinkish hue.

South Carolina Barbeque Sauce

Although mustard is an ingredient in many regional barbeque sauces, in South Carolina, it’s the star of the show. South Carolina’s signature BBQ sauce is yellow mustard-based with sugar, vinegar, butter, lemon juice, and select spices. Some recipes include syrup or honey to help sweeten the sauce while small amounts of ketchup are used in some parts of the state.

Texas Style BBQ Sauce

In Texas, barbeque is dry rubbed and cooked over a very long time at low temperatures in order to give the meat a smokier flavor. Barbeque sauce usually accompanies the meat on the side rather than over it. The sauce in Texas usually includes Mexican ingredients like chilies, cumin, and coffee, as well as tomato sauce and vinegar.

Kansas City BBQ Sauce

Kansas City’s signature BBQ sauce is what many people think of when they think about barbeque because it is the style that is most readily available in supermarkets. It’s sticky, sweet, and thick. This tomato-based sauce tends to incorporate both sugar and molasses as sweeteners and thickeners and while vinegar is used, it is mostly used as a flavoring agent.

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