June Referee of the Month – Alyssa Bear

June Referee of the Month – Alyssa Bear

Alyssa has really taken strides over the past several months and has become a very good referee. She is confident in her calls and how to handle players. She is able to answer questions from both players and fellow refs about rules and how to handle certain situations.

She is a ref that we lean on to do a lot of training because she has the experience as well as a great demeanor to be a good teacher in addition to setting a good example to all our new refs.

In addition to being a great referee and asset on the courts she is an awesome team player as well. She is constantly helping out by covering people’s shifts if they need help. Her willingness to help and good attitude go a long way to making this job more enjoyable for everyone.

Thanks for being a great employee Alyssa and keep up the good work!

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