December Referee of the Month – Will Liptrot

December Referee of the Month – Will Liptrot

Will with his trusty red and yellow backpack has been an employee worthy of this award for a long time now. Will has a great presence on the court and rapport with teams. That good rapport stems from his positive attitude and good-natured personality. He has built relationships with customers during his time here as a ref and those relationships along with the way he manages a game far and away exceed the importance of just strictly being a good ref.

That being said, Will has taken leaps progressing in his confidence and eye for calling a game. It takes a certain disposition to be a quality referee in all sports and Will has it. He is consistent with the calls he makes and always calls a fair game. We have been lucky to have him working with us for the past year or so and look forward to having him around for as long as we can. Thanks for being awesome Will!

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