Bar & Grill

Bar & Grill

5106350Capt’n Bill’s is a great place to have fun, meet people and get some great exercise all at the same time. We have a lively, personable and tentative wait staff, not to mention a wide selection of food and two full service bars. Whether you love seafood, BBQ, sandwiches or veggies, Capt’n Bill’s has something for everyone.


Capt’n Bill’s has over a dozen televisions, including a big screen, so that you can watch a variety of sporting events. We even have NFL Sunday Ticket! Capt’n Bill’s is the perfect spot to come watch all the big games! Whether you love football, basketball or just sports in general, you are guaranteed to have a great time!


Come visit Wilmington’s best kept secret… Capt’n Bill’s Backyard Grill and Outdoor Volleyball Facility!

Hours of Operation
Monday – Thursday open 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Friday open 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Saturday open 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Sunday open 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.


Specials February 20-25

Fried Chicken Club $10.95
Hand battered chicken breast covered with lettuce, tomato, bacon,
swiss cheese and honey mustard on a big bun  Served with fries.

Raspberry Lemonade $4.25
Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka and Pink Lemonade

Shock Top Belgian White Draft $4.00



3334550Musser’s Famous Backyard BBQ Sauce is a flavorful and savory vinegar-based barbeque sauce, made in Eastern North Carolina.

It compliments all meats, including chicken, steak and pork. Use it to baste your favorite steaks to impress your guests. Pour it on your favorite burger to add a kick, or use it as a dipping sauce. Try it with French fries, onion rings, or your favorite savory snack.

Our Menu

WINGS – Mild, Medium, Hot or ask for the Butt Burner  (6) $6.95   (12) $12.95   Musser’s Famous Battered (6) $8.95  (12) $14.95  Add celery or carrots for $1.00 
WEST VIRGINIA NACHOS Chips loaded with Homemade Chili, Cream Cheese Sauce and topped with Veggies from Papaw’s garden (sub pork or chicken  $10.95) $9.50
SMOTHERED CHEESE FRIESAdd chili or bacon $7.95   Add Pork $8.95 $5.95
CHEESE STICKS – Served with Warm Marinara             $6.50
CHICKEN FINGERS –  Served with Honey Mustard or Musser’s BBQ Sauce (Toss ’em in Buffalo Sauce for $0.75) $7.95
BROCCOLI CHEESE BITES – Creamy Cheese  and Broccoli  Deep Fried and Served with Homemade Ranch ~ we consider these a vegetable $6.50
FRIED PICKLES OR FRIED BANANA PEPPERS – Hand Battered, Fried and Served w/Homemade Ranch (can’t decide?  try both!  $6.95) $5.95
LOADED PINTOS – Slowed cooked with Bacon, Peppers, Onions and Musser’s Seasoning Salt topped with Shredded Cheddar, Jalapenos and Sour Cream  $5.00
CHIPS & SALSA ROJA – Add Cheese $0.75  $4.25
HOT DOGS – Load it up with Chili, Mustard and Slaw (Double up for $7.50) $4.50
CORN DOG– Ol’ Faithful served w/side of Mustard for Dippin’ $4.50
ONION RINGS – Served with Musser’s BBQ Sauce  $6.50
*SLOP BURGER – 1/2 lb of Fresh Ground Beef covered with your choice of cheese, Memaw’s Chili, Mayo, Mustard, Ketchup and topped with Veggies from Papaw’s garden (4 oz Junior Slop $8.95) $11.95
*BILL’S TACO BASKET – Two Flour Tortillas filled with your choice of Protein Grilled or Blackened) and topped with Lettuce, Tomato, Shredded Cheddar and a Creamy Siracha Drizzle served with Chips and Salsa Roja          Chicken $10.95   Mahi $12.95   Ribeye $12.95
SHRIMP PO’ BOY – Hand Battered Shrimp loaded in a Hoagie Roll with Lettuce, Tomato and Cajon Remoulade  $10.95
CHICKEN CLUB SANDWICH – Grilled Chicken Breast topped with Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, your choice of Cheese and Honey Mustard $10.95
FRESH CATCH SANDWICH – (Grilled, Fried or Blackened) topped with Lettuce, Tomato, your choice of Cheese and a Side of Tartar Market Price
MUSSER’S BBQ SANDWICH – Slow Cooked Pork, Hand Pulled and Tossed in Musser’s BBQ Sauce  If ya holler Sue’ Wee we’ll throw on slaw $10.95
BILL’S PHILLY – Your choice of Chicken or Steak Smothered with Grilled Onions and Peppers and topped with Provolone stuffed in a Toasted Hoagie Roll (Add Mushrooms and Jalapenos for $1.00) $10.95
BLT – Loaded up with Bacon, Fresh Tomatoes and Lettuce on Toasted White or Wheat Bread (Add Provolone $1.00) $8.95
RIBEYE WRAP – Stuffed with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Grilled Onions, Mushrooms, Swiss and Creamy Horseradish $11.95
BILL’S WRAP – Your choice of Protein tossed with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Shredded Cheddar and Homemade Ranch  Grilled or Fried Chicken $9.95  Fried Shrimp $10.95  Toss it in Buffalo Sauce $0.75
Kids Meals

INCLUDES FRIES  ages 10 and younger please

Hot Dog, Grilled Cheese (white or wheat), Corn Dog or Chicken Fingers    $7.50

FRIED SEAFOOD COMBO – Flounder, Shrimp, Oysters, Scallops or Clam Strips served with Fries, Pups, Slaw, Cocktail and Tartar  Choice of (1) $12.95    (2) $15.95
THE BILLS SEAFOOD PLATTER – Can’t choose, have them all!  Served with Fries, Pups, Slaw, Cocktail & Tartar (Share charge $2.00) $21.95
MUSSER’S BBQ PORK PLATE – Slow Cooked Pork smothered in Musser’s BBQ Sauce served with Taters, Pintos, Slaw & Pups $10.95
FRESH CATCH PLATE – Choice of Grilled, Fried or Blackened.  Served with Fries, Pups and Slaw. Market Price
STEAMED SHRIMP – (Plain or Spiced) Served with Pups, Slaw, Cocktail and Butter (1/2 lb)  $13.50    (1 lb) $18.50
ALL YOU CAN EAT – October – March our Friday Night Special!  Steamed Oysters, Steamed Shrimp, Fried Shrimp served with Hushpuppies, Slaw, Cocktail and Butter


BILL’S HOUSE SALAD – Romaine, Tomato, Onion, Cucumber, Carrots and Shredded Cheddar tossed and served with your choice of dressing  (side $4.00) $8.00
SEASONAL BERRY SALAD – Spinach, Seasonal Berries, Red Onion, Sunflower Seeds and Feta served with housemade Balsamic Vinaigrette  $9.00
Add a Protein to any salad!  Grilled or Fried Chicken $3.00     Fried Shrimp $4.00      BBQ Pork $3.00     Fresh Catch Market Price
Side Orders

FRIES $4.95

HUSHPUPPIES dozen $4.95

PASTA SALAD Pasta, Olives, Green Pepper, Onion and Feta tossed in Italian Dressing $3.95

PINTOS Slow cooked on the grill with Bacon, Peppers, Onions and Musser’s Seasoning Salt $3.50


STEAMED VEGGIES Seasonal Medley $4.25


Soft Drinks
PEPSI PRODUCTS Refills $0.75 (free with meal) $2.00
WATER CUP free with meal $0.25
Specialty Drinks

MARGARITATequila, Triple Sec, Lime Juice & Sour Mix $5.25

FORGET ME NOTCaptain Morgan, Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, Peach Schnapps & Amaretto with a splash of Grenadine, Sour Mix and Gingerale $7.50

SPIKED TEARaspberry, Orange and Vanilla Vodkas mixed with Triple Sec, Sour Mix and Pepsi $7.00

REDBULL VODKAChoose a Flavored Vodka and Flavored Redbull to Mix It Up 

Frozen Drinks

THE TODDLERRaspberry, Vanilla and Orange Vodkas with Peach Schnapps, Triple Sec & Strawberry Daquiri Mix $8.00

HONAHOCoconut Rum, Melon and Pineapple Juice $6.50





Parties of 6 or more subject to 18% Gratuity.  Thank You!