League FAQs

League FAQs

I’m new to the area and want to get on a team.  What is the best way to do this?  There are “I Need A Team” forms at Capt’n Bill’s and on our website that you can fill out and post on the bulletin board and submit to an online list. We also have an individual sign up option on our website as well.

My team played last league.  Can you use the same roster?  No, a new roster must be submitted by each team for a new league.  But if you are using the same roster from season to season there is a “Use Last Seasons Roster” feature that will make the process super quick and convenient.

Are all of your leagues coed?  For the most part yes. But we do offer Mens and Womens triples league on Friday nights and in our Doubles leagues we allow two females to play together if they choose to.

How many players can we have on our roster?  2 person teams can have up to 4 players, 3 person teams can have up to 6 players, 4 person teams can have up to 8   people on their roster and 6 person teams can have up to 12 people.

Do you require our team to have matching shirts or uniforms?  What teams decide to wear is completely up to the team, as long as it is appropriate for a family establishment.  Some businesses prefer that players wear company shirts which is acceptable.

Can I sign up as an individual?  Sign ups are taken by the team only.  If you don’t have a team and want to play, fill out a form at  Capt’n Bill’s or online at www.captnbills.com.  Be sure to ask about our open roster teams where you can come and play in a league with others looking for a team.  This is a great way to connect with others and hopefully form your own

team to play in the league!

How old do I have to be to participate in league play?  If a parent is playing on the team with the child, it is the parents discretion to the age the child should play, knowing the risks of injury and signing a release form for the child.  If the parent is not playing on the team, the child must be at least 16 years old.

I’m not sure who is going to play on my team next season.  Is there a grace period to add players to the roster?  Captains have to have a roster in before the start of the league. Captains can make changes (add/drop) to their roster, by using their Players Corner Account. They can make these changes anytime during the season up to week 9 by.

Our unique facility features ten lighted sand volleyball courts, offering play from beginner level to advanced competition.  Participate in league and tournament play or just come by and play a pick up game.





Non League Member                   $40.00

League Member                           $30.00


Reservations must be made and paid for in advance.  Court availability will vary.





We have leagues that run year round

Spring season begins in March.

Teams will play for 2 hours a night each week for 10 weeks.  Standings will be based on win percentage.  League play is coed.


Referees will be provided for each court

during the 2 hour play period.



                            SIGN UP DATES

               IN PERSON                    ONLINE

Spring       February 24     February 26

Summer I   April 21            April 23

Summer II  June 23           June 25

Fall I        September 1        September 3

Winter       November 10   November 12





Spring                               Mar 10—May 10

Tournament Week— May 5 – May 10


Sum I                                May 12—July 19

Tournament Week— July 14 – July 19


Sum II                               July 21—Sep27

Tournament Week— Sept 22 – Sept 27


Fall I                                 Sept 28—Dec 13

Tournament Week— Dec 8 – Dec 13


Fall II Dec 15—Mar 6

Tournament Week— Mar 1 – Mar 6


These dates are subject to change slightly due to weather.



We do our best to get all games in during their scheduled time but if we do have to make up games there will be a make up day on the Sunday of week 8 for the season. The make teams will have to RSVP to the league director via email so that the facility can staff accordingly.





6 person              $450

                          6 people              12 people

Per person        $75                      $37.50

Per week           $7.50                   $3.75


4 person              $425

4 people              8 people

Per person        $106.25              $53.12

Per week            $10.62               $5.31


3 person        $325

3 people            6 people

Per person   $108.33            $54.16

Per week      $10.83              $5.41


2 person            $225

                      2 people        4 people

Per person    $112.50         $56.25

Per week       $11.25            $5.62




Looking for a team?  Make sure to post your information on our website under the I Need a Team link so teams looking for additional players can contact you. As well as posting a “I Need A Team” flyer on our bulletin board.


Skill levels ranked from highest to lowest are A, BB, B, CC, C.  Skill level is only important for placement on week 1.  The rest of the    season is determined by win percentage.